Why It Matters

Why it matters

It's abundantly clear: the next 25 years will bear little resemblance to the last. We are now faced with daunting social and environmental concerns that will require large-scale change and effective solutions. We rely heavily on our planet to supply resources and sustain life, yet we have historically done little to safeguard against the detrimental impact of our industrial activities.

Our current generations will witness an evolution that will forever reshape our perceptions about climate, consumption, economy, and our roles as both consumers and investors.

We know the earth's resources are finite, while demand for them has increased significantly. A shrinking supply of resources will increase costs and/or reduce profitability for companies that rely heavily on them.

Companies that fail to adapt to the need for energy conservation and renewable resources will become increasingly incapable of competing in the global marketplace, while companies that proactively innovate and plan for future challenges may be poised to excel.

Advantages of Sustainable Companies:

  • Resource and energy efficiency drastically reduces costs
  • A reduction in carbon emissions averts rising prices and taxes
  • Innovative products and services appeal to consumer shift in demand
  • Lower liability and litigation risk amid new regulatory policies
  • Positive public image and increased consumer loyalty

The time is right to embrace an investment strategy that supports companies with the technological innovation and resource efficiency needed for a sustainable future. Our investment decisions have the capacity to create large-scale, quantifiable and beneficial changes.