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IFA Sustainable is a wholly owned division of Index Fund Advisors, Inc. (IFA).

Index Fund Advisors, Inc. (IFA) is a fee-only advisory and wealth management firm that provides risk-appropriate, returns-optimized, globally-diversified and tax-managed investment strategies with a fiduciary standard of care. Under U.S. law, investment advisors owe their clients an ongoing fiduciary duty to provide full and complete disclosure of all fees, conflicts of interest, and to exercise discretion in selecting investments with only their clients' best interests in mind. IFA Sustainable is committed to providing a clear alternative for investors who want to include environmental and forward-thinking principles into a research based, time tested investment approach.

IFA Sustainable bases its investment strategy on the highly respected research indexes designed by Eugene Fama and Kenneth French, incorporating 87 years of IFA Index Portfolio risk and return data, third generation index fund designs and 30 years of refined passive trading techniques, employed by Dimensional Fund Advisors.

By encouraging very smart behavior among our clients, we position them to be more successful at capturing the returns of the funds. As you see below the average fund investor and the do-it-yourself indexer have not been very successful at capturing the returns the market has to offer. The chart below summarizes several studies on the percentage of returns captured by various types of investors.

The chart below shows IFA's growth of assets under management since inception:

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