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In-depth academic papers which provide compelling evidence for sustainable strategies:

February, 2013

The Innovation Bottom Line
Demands are coming from all sides, creating a systemic imperative and an opportunity to advance sustainability goals. As companies in many industries grapple with costs, they are turning to their supply chains to reduce energy use, simplify packaging, mitigate commodity price risks and meet customer sustainability expectations.

August, 2012
We Need A Bigger Boat: Sustainablility In Investment
Asset owners and asset managers around the world are struggling with what it means to be a sustainable investor. Here we consider sustainable investing in its broadest sense, incorporating ESG but also looking at the large inter-generational issues that institutional funds need to take into account.
June, 2012
Sustainable Investing: Establishing Long-Term Value and Performance
The evidence is compelling: Sustainable Investing can be a clear win for investors and for companies. However, many SRI fund managers, who have tended to use exclusionary screens, have historically struggled to capture this. We believe that ESG analysis should be built into the investment processes of every serious investor, and into the corporate strategy of every company that cares about shareholder value. ESG best-in-class focused funds should be able to capture superior risk-adjusted returns if well executed.
November, 2011
The Impact of a Corporate Culture of Sustainability on Corporate Behavior and Performance
For most investors, "sustainability" isn't about doing the right thing. The conversation has evolved. It's about doing the smart thing. This demands an answer to the fundamental question: Does it pay to invest in sustainability? This Harvard Business School study, tracks the performance of 180 companies over 18 years. The 90 firms that adopted environmentally and socially responsible policies significantly outperformed their peers.
February, 2009
Sustainable Investing: Opportunities in a Green Market
The word “sustainability,” once a catchword of co-ops and community gardens, has now permanently entered the lexicon of business and commerce. Whether or not one is convinced that climate change is an immediate threat, either environmentally or economically, the marketplace has already adjusted to the likelihood of the threat.
Ecology and the Challenge of Sustainable Investing
Mr. Keefe’s work in the area of socially responsible investing, and especially his ongoing efforts to reframe socially responsible investing in the context ecological, economic and social sustainability, are truly groundbreaking. The choices made by individual and institutional investors determine the availability of investment capital, and whether that flows to economic activities that contribute to long-term sustainability, or to those that do not.