Portfolio Overview

IFA's Sustainable investment portfolios are constructed with the objective of maximizing diversification while minimizing costs and unnecessary risk.

Modern Portfolio Theory and Nobel Prize-winning research collectively reveals that positive expected outcomes are derived from low-cost, diversified investment portfolios. Noted academics have identified specific risk factors that have delivered additional risk premiums. The sum total of their findings rests at the core of IFA's Sustainable investment strategy.

Advances in portfolio construction enable investors committed to sustainability to invest in portfolios with over 4,500 companies in both U.S. and abroad. Each company has received its own sustainability rating. Companies receiving high marks for sustainability capture a stronger presence in the portfolio.

IFA Sustainable offers 10 Index Portfolios, which are individualized and indexed. Determining the risk capacity for each individual allows IFA Sustainable to optimize returns while maintaining the proper amount of risk exposure. Our portfolios are allocated among three broad asset classes: Fixed Income (bonds), U.S. Stocks, and International Stocks. This allocation can be adjusted to accommodate your unique Risk Capacity level.

By additionally applying the Environmental Sustainability Ratings to these funds, investors take a further strategic approach by weighting their investments with what IFA Sustainable believes to be responsible, innovative, and forward-thinking companies. Not only does this help to reduce environmental harm, but also overweights companies who can efficiently and effectively adapt to rapidly changing regulations, consumer demands, and resource costs. When applied to a long term diversified portfolio, this approach may be a prudent and responsible investment.